AWP&H delivers total hydrogen system solutions including engineering design,
build, operate, and maintain services for large-scale, fully-integrated, turn-key
hydrogen filling stations and HICE vehicles.  AWP&H's range of hydrogen consulting
and project development services include:

AWP&H will be the first hydrogen project developer to deliver hydrogen-powered
internal combustion engine vehicles (HICE) into the eastern United States.  
AWP&H will be delivering two Toyota Prius sedans converted to run on hydrogen by
AWP&H's strategic alliance partner Quantum Technologies to the State University
of New York at Buffalo in the second quarter of 2006.  This project was sponsored
by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA).   
    AWP&H is in various stages of  discussions about several large-scale hydrogen
projects around the United States including:

The Newark Liberty International Airport Solar-to-Hydrogen Project (this project
involves a 700 kW photovoltaic array powering a large-scale 500kW electrolyzer unit
to make approximately 220 kilograms/day of hydrogen.  The hydrogen would be
used in a variety of vehicles used in and around the airport including ground
support equipment.

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, Maryland.  AWP&H has made
presentations to the Base Commander as well as the United States Army's
National Automotive Center (NAC).  Fort Drum in Northern New York State in
another potential military base that can use hydrogen as a non-tactical vehicle fuel
to move army personnel to and form and around the base.

Buffalo, the Hydrogen City - AWP&H has been working the Niagara Frontier
Transit Authority, the Buffalo airport, and the Niagara Park Authority to make Buffalo
a major hydrogen highway center.  The clean, green hydro power from Niagara
Falls allows for very low-cost energy to make very affordable hydrogen in the Buffalo

Stewart Airport, Newburgh, New York - AWP&H has submitted a proposal to the
New York State Energy Research and Technology Agency (NYSERDA) for a
electrolyzer unit at what will be New York's fourth airport.

    AWP&H has also made recent  presentations to the

Five Cities Hydrogen Highway in Texas;

      the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA); and

      the United States Army.
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