Hydrogen: Zero-Emissions Power for a Sustainable Society

  • Hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources like
    solar, wind, and biomass is the only true zero-emission
    energy source;

  • Hydrogen holds the solution to the major health, energy,
    economic, and security problems facing society including
    local air pollution and related public health costs, global
    climate change, and the country's dependence on foreign

  • Hydrogen from renewable energy sources can now be
    made at a reasonable cost competitive with the price of a
    gallon of gasoline.

AWP&H is a leading Project Developer of Large-Scale, Fully-
Integrated, Turn-Key Hydrogen Stations and Hydrogen-
Powered Internal Combustion Engine (HICE) Vehicles  for
Public and Private Utility, Industrial, and Transportation

    AWP&H can provide complete hydrogen project development
services and products including

AWP&H can deliver fully-integrated zero-emission hydrogen systems
and HICE vehicles anywhere in North America to such facilities as:

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American Wind Power & Hydrogen LLC (AWP&H)

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August, 2006 Buffalo, New York -  AWP&H and Quantum Technologies
announce the delivery of two Hydrogen Powered Internal Combustion Engine
(HICE) Toyota Prius Sedans and hydrogen refueling station to the State
University of New York at Buffalo under a New York State Energy Research and
Development Authority (NYSERDA) Program

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Buffalo News coverage of Delivery of First Two
Hydrogen Powered Internal Combustion Engine cars into the Eastern United

A Toyota Prius sedan converted to run on emissions-free hydrogen
A Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up Truck converted to run on HICE technology by AWP&H partner companies
eTec and Roush.  The pick-up has 10.5 kg. of hydrogen storage with a range of 160 - 180 miles.

AWP&H - Delivering hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) cars,
pick-up trucks, SUVs, and mass-transit buses along with fully-integrated
hydrogen fueling stations for a sustainable transportation sector and a
secure and sustainable society and world
October, 2006 Albany, New York - AWP&H, Quantum Technologies, eTec, and Roush demonstrate Hydrogen
Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (HICE) to the New York State General Services Administration (GSA) on
the Capitol Plaza in Albany, New York